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Over the last 12months

or so the government

has tried to introduce


Manslaughter through a

parliamentary legislative


The net result is somewhat

of an impasse, with

government lawyers saying

how difficult it would be to

introduce, various pressure

groups saying how

impractical, it is unlikely to

be seen (yet again) on the

statute books much before

next year. In fact it may

(sadly) take another

disaster to re energize it!!

In the meantime a


Members Bill -


(Health and Safety) Bill


had its second reading This

will require companies to

appoint a director as a health

and safety director; and to

impose duties on this

director and on other

directors of the companies in

relation to health and safety.

It will require an amendment

to the companies act 1985

and directors will have

specific duties under the

legislation to:

Discharge their duties in

respect of health and safety

of its employees and others

effected by its operations.

To take effective steps

to ensure that the company

acts in accordance with the

obligations imposed on it

by any applicable law

relating to health and


Monitor Health and

Safety on a regular basis

Ensure current health

and safety statements

reflect the boards view.

..and much more.

Watch this space in future!!

Telephone: 020 7814 0200

Fax: 020 7814 0201

Examples of meals range

from a 3 course @ £21.50 to

a 2 course @ £17.50 incl VAT

City Livery Club

With effect from the 1st

February Freemen and

Liverymen of the Livery

companies will be able to

have use of the function

room. All that is required is for

a booking to be made by

12:00pm the previous day:

Forthcoming Events

4 July 2003

Common Hall

12 July 2003

Salamander Ball

T H E M A R K E T — C O M P A N Y ( H E A L T H A N D S A F E T Y ) B I L L



you in a Loving Cup."

The Prime Warden drinks first

and each guest in turn, applying

his napkin to the rim of the Cup

after having sipped the wine and

before handing it over to his


Those not wishing to drink may

pass the cup on with a short


The practice is for the person

who pledges the Loving Cup to

stand up and bow to his

neighbour who, also standing,

removes the cover with his right

hand and holds it while the other

drinks, a custom said to have

originated in the necessary

precaution of keeping the right

hand or "dagger" hand

employed, so that the person

who drinks may be assured of no

treachery like that practised by

Elfrida on the unsuspecting King

Edward the Martyr at Corfe

Castle, who was slain while

drinking. This is why the Loving

Cup possesses a cover.

Next Month:

What is common Hall?

The loving cup


A peculiar and pleasing feature

of Banquets and Dinners of the

Livery Companies is that of the

Loving Cup. This cup is generally

of gold, silver, or silver-gilt, and

filled with what has been called

from time immemorial "Sack",

another name for spiced wine.

At the conclusion of the dinner,

and immediately after grace has

been sung or said, the Cup is

passed round the table, the

toastmaster announcing "The

Prime Warden bids you all a

hearty welcome, and drinks to

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items for the next

issue of Blaze is:

Friday 25 July 2003

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