Bedford FRS: New equipment shows investment in firefighter safety

NEW equipment has been rolled out across Bedfordshire.


The new breathing apparatus (BA) means operational crews have the latest technology to keep them safe and to support responding to incidents.

 Breathing apparatus is the equipment used by firefighters to help them breathe whilst they are carrying out operations in smoky and harmful environments.


Firefighters have been training using the new breathing apparatus, supplied by MSA, and are now ready to respond to incidents with it.

 Assistant Chief Fire Officer Jason Tai, who has led the project to replace the kit, said: “We are committed to investing in the best kit and equipment for our crews and are thrilled to have the new BA equipment rolled out across Bedfordshire.


“We know we’ve picked the best upgrade for our crews as Bedfordshire’s frontline firefighters have been involved in the replacement of these sets and their feedback has shaped what we’ve bought, trained and rolled out.

 “Safety is paramount for us and making this investment, supported by updating our procedures and processes, gives us the reassurance that we are doing everything we can to look after our firefighters.

 “Bedfordshire is the first Service in the UK to introduce MSA’s telemetry technology which increases firefighter safety providing live data in terms of their cylinder contents and air consumption in real time at the scene.

 “We have also changed our air cylinders to ultralight weight cylinders, reducing the weight of the cylinder by more than 4 kilograms, which will maximise comfort and reduce the demands on firefighters.”


In addition to breathing apparatus, new replacement TAIT fireground radios, which are fully compatible with the new BA sets, have been rolled out, whilst some older equipment including BA guidelines, has been retired.

 The Service’s launch of the new BA also brings it in line with National Operational Guidance (NOG), giving the assurance that procedures and training are the most up to date to ensure both firefighter safety and operational effectiveness.

 The roll out across all fire stations in Bedfordshire was completed this week and marks the end of months of work to update the breathing apparatus.