Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service issues warnings to the public ahead of Jubilee Weekend

Any irresponsible use of fire outdoors can pose a significant risk to public fire safety. Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning to the public ahead of the Jubilee weekend, drawing people’s attention to things such as BBQs, Street parties and fireworks.


If you are organising a street party, don’t forget about emergency vehicles. If your street is staying open, make sure you leave enough room for a fire engine to get past.


If your road is going to be closed, make sure that the emergency services are aware so that they can plan this into their route and avoid delays. This should be organised through the Council.


Never leave a barbecue unattended. Alcohol and fire do not mix well so try to avoid drinking whilst barbecuing. It’s not safe to have a BBQ on your balcony. These spaces are often enclosed, meaning fire could easily spread to your home or houses around you.

Empty ashes onto bare garden soil, not into dustbins or wheelie bins. If they’re hot, they can melt the plastic and start a fire.

Only buy fireworks with a CE mark and follow the instructions when using. Stand well back and always supervise children around fireworks.


Enjoy yourselves safely and have a lovely Jubilee bank holiday weekend.