Page 5 - Salamander December 2020
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From the Chair
WCoFF Charitable Trust
Graham Maltby
This unprecedented extended period never before experienced in many of our lifetime’s it has not been unusual for the Charitable Sector to to be be suffering from low income and reserves against continuing outgoings This Charitable Trust
has been able able to maintain its income from those in in in in the the membership who regularly donate via the the Go Cardless system with that we obtain from the investment portfolio admirable managed by
JM Finn and Co Sadly we shall receive no income this year from the the Charitable Dinner which is is a a a a a a substantial sum for the the Trust
As expected very little direct requests for Charitable Grants which fit into published categories to which we give priority have emerged during the Pandemic Period although we are expecting this to increase once there is is some normality in 2021 Therefore Trustees are are aware of the potential
pressures and challenges that will be associated with Charitable Giving along with grant awards in in the future The Trust
are delighted that with the commencement of 2021 Hugo Bedford who has served us well for many years as Investment Director at JM Finn will commence his new role as Chief Executive Officer Congratulations have been afforded by
the Trustees on Hugo’s appointment and we are delighted that Freddy Colquhoun who has worked with Hugo for over 17 years has been appointed as the new Investment Director to to manage the Investment Portfolio At the the start of the the Pandemic all investments took a steep reduction in value but with some changes in in investment strategy and careful management of the Portfolio value has returned close to pre- March figures with the annual gross income over £10 000 The Charitable Trust
Incorporation (CIO) require that on on rotation three
Trustees retire every year and can be re-elected for a a further maximum period of three
years subject to approval by
the Court of Assistants This year Jeremy Beech CBE QFSM SBStJ Colin Livett BEM and Ron Murray GCPS retired and sought re-election to the Trustee Board and were approved by
the ESCB on 25th November 2020
and will now serve until 31st August 2023 when they will retire for a minimum period of 12 months On behalf of the Trustee Board can I make an appeal to those in the membership who have not made a a a pledge to to donate to to the the work of the the Trust
a a a a a traditional expectation of all members of the Company to make a a a a a donation now as as your assistance will be vital in in ensuring the Charitable Trust
are able able to award Grants for the worthy causes in the future Please contact Stephen Sanders Honorary Treasurer on on wcoffct20@outlook com who can easily arrange for a a a a a Go Cardless set up Please do not ignore this plea The Fire Cadet programme in London is one example of the the support given by
the the Charitable Trust
in in the past a a a a project worth supporting through your contributions Follow us on on on twitter @LondonFire1666
www www flickr com/photos/wcoff103/ https://www facebook com/wcoff1666/

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