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    Article Added: 19 Apr 2019

    Dr. Peter Mansi, a member of the Firefighters Company, has been awarded Life Membership of the International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc. The award is in recognition of his outstanding leadership and untiring efforts, lending dignity, integrity and direction to the purposes and objectives of the Association. ...


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    Article Added: 17 Apr 2019

    April 2019 Our Upper Warden, Frances Blois, was amongst members of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) who received a Commendation for dedication to duty during the Grenfell Tower Fire in 2017. FANYs providid support in the Casualty Bureau immediately following the fire, as well as for the City of London Police, the Gold Commander and the Westminster Coroner. Frances is pictured with other FA ...


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    Article Added: 16 Apr 2019

    Recruitment of New Members   We are once again busy organising our annual “Meet the Firefighters” event to attract new members and active participants to our livery company. As part of these preparations, we need your assistance by nominating family, friends or colleagues who you think would be interested in joining us. Our established special meeting, the  “Meet the ...


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    Article Added: 25 Feb 2019

    As part of an initiative to “touch base and communicate” with all the Membership, I have been asked to start writing a Blog, so please find my initial attempt, and something that I hope will continue for the foreseeable future. Andrew Mayes, J.P. Master Firefighter.   “As I sit here at the beginning of 2019, realising that my year as Master of this wonderful Company is ...

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    Article Added: 28 Jan 2019

    WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. Three new members were welcomed into the Company and made their declaration of Freedom following the November meeting of the Court of Assistants. At the same time Michael Rollings became a Liveryman of the Company. Very best wishes to all of them. Gary Neal has spent his career involved with the development and engineering of fire suppression systems and has a strong Engi ...

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    Article Added: 06 Sep 2018

    The Worshipful Company of Firefighters was well represented at this Open Day on July 14th. With glorious weather the attendance was estimated to be a footfall of around 8000. The event saw the launch of The Massey Shaw Historic Firefighting Demonstration Team, with a display by a horse-drawn manual pump supplied by Liveryman Tony Drewitt. The pump was drawn by two 10 year old Percheron cross ...

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