Past Master Bruce Hoad receives BEM

Past Master Bruce Hoad is a retired principal fire officer and finished his operational service as Deputy Chief Fire Officer in Northamptonshire, although he still works in an advisory capacity for the service in East Sussex. He has been a member of Operation Florian since 2008 but was a supporter of its activities for a number of years before that through his roles in fire and rescue services in which the Charity has members.

His involvement in the delivery of humanitarian aid began over 20 years ago when, through the Overseas Development Administration, Bruce worked with the Guyana Fire Service in South America over a two-year period. Since 2008 Bruce has been very involved with the Charity’s project in Macedonia where he has provided support and advice to the Project Manager and been involved in pretty much all aspects of the project’s delivery.

Bruce is also the Charity’s co-ordinator in the south-east of England where there is an established structure of volunteers to better plan and organise our activities. The group have managed to secure the long-term free use of an industrial unit on the East/West Sussex border. Still working for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Bruce has been ideally placed to maximise support from the service. Bruce is also a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters and has worked hard to ensure that the Company has become aware of the Charity and its activities.

A member and keen supporter of Networking Women in the Fire Service, Bruce remains a committed champion of equality and diversity in the UK fire and rescue service. Bruce will strive to ensure that in every project in which the Charity is involved, our values of equality, diversity, fairness and dignity for all are actively encouraged at every opportunity. In Bruce’s fire service career he has specialised in the fields of health, safety and welfare and risk management and has gained skills and experience that he feels would be beneficial to the effective management of the Charity.

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