Westminster Abbey London Fire Brigade Exercise

Firefighters Run Live Exercise In The Galleries

The Abbey held a joint exercise with the London Fire Brigade last week.  The aim was to give LFB hands-on experience of working in the new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries.

‘It was a very successful joint exercise organised by Steve Meek, our Fire Officer,’ said Garry Evanson, Head of Security. ‘Certainly LFB found it very valuable and were able to take much information away.

LFB command vehicles are equipped with detailed maps and pictures of the Abbey which firefighters can call up onscreen to enable them to deal with incidents quickly and efficiently. Senior officers will now update online information after the exercise. Last week’s exercise was supported by volunteers from Goldman Sachs, the O2, the Globe theatre and Parliament, who provided a total of 80 visitors to be evacuated and who had no knowledge of Abbey drills - adding a degree of authenticity.